The main consideration for most people when it comes to sofa re-upholstery is, "Is it worth it to save, or should I just get a new sofa?" Let's find out the answer to this... For starters, was the sofa that great at the time you bought it? Do you recall the make? If so, was it a brand name? If it was built by Hamilton Furniture, Hancock & Moore, Handler Studio, Parker Knoll, Duresta, Derwent, Collins and Hayes, Peter Guild, Bridgecraft, Marks and Spencer, or Cintique, for instance, then you can be assured that the frame is of good high quality. It is the frame that is the most crucial factor about a sofa and which can make it last a lifetime. So, to summarize the above, if you have a excellent sofa, then keep it and have it re-upholstered, as it will be hard and high priced to uncover a new sofa whose reliability and comfort you can trust. With regards to comfort, your upholsterer at Rayco will always present the options of variations to the padding of the sofa. At times, firmer or thicker cushions can be much more appropriate. You upholsterer will also have varied quantities of fabrics for you to decide on. One more consideration: your present furniture matches your place. To go out and buy a whole new house of furniture, just for the sake of having your place match again, will easily run you in the thousands of dollars as opposed to substantially lower price of having your chair or sofa re-upholstered. On top of that, if you have your furniture re-upholstered instead of buying new, you save yourself the hassle of having to dispose of your old sofa.   Choosing the expert workmen who will carry out the reupholstery can be as vital as choosing the material. The Specialist must be have a strong working knowledge of all types of springs, webbings, and seat cushions among other things, and must ready to work with them. Here at Rayco, we have a trained staff to meet all your upholstery needs and are ready to bring your furniture back to showroom quality. So if you have a chair in your house that you look at and think "This chair looks so ugly but I can't afford to change all the chairs in the set". Maybe you have a pet or youngster who spilled something on a chairs seat. No matter what the circumstance, practically any style of furnishings can be re-upholstered. To summarize the main benefits of re-upholstering your sofa in St Petersburg as opposed to throwing it away are: - You can select cloth style from numerous unique examples - You can refresh your old furnishings which have sentimental value to you - It saves a ton of money over buying new

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